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Wilmington University Law Library User Guide: About the Library

This guide will cover information about the Law Library


Welcome to the Law Library. Our mission is tied to the educational missions and values of Wilmington University and the School of Law. The library is where law students learn to use the basic tools of the profession. It provides exceptional services and instruction; identifies, selects, and maintains appropriate, innovative, and comprehensive resources in multiple formats. 

The library will lead the way in providing all the resources and services aimed at developing competencies critical for the practice of law in the 21st Century. 

About the Library

The library is located at 10 Beaver Valley Road, Room 118, WIlmington, DE. 

The collection consists of research databases and some print materials.

There are 6 PC's for student use. These PC's are connected to an all-in-one photocopier/printer/scanner.



Contact Us

Wilmington University Law Library

Brandywine Campus

10 Beaver Valley Road

Wilmington, DE 19803

Phone: 302-268-1291


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